How to Download High Resolution Images from Flickr

UPDATE: this article superseded here

To access the highest file size from my Flickr account, you will need to follow this easy process.

1. Make sure you are logged in and that your account is a contact of mine.
- this is the bit that upsets most users. Let me enable your Flickr account or I can give you a temp one.

2. Find the image you want and view it on its own page.

3. Locate the two viewing options highlighted in Fig 1.

Fig 1. click to enlarge

'Lightbox' view (Fig 2) will allow you to quickly skim through the images, while 'view all sizes' (Fig 3) will show you which files sizes are available to be viewed and/or downloaded.

Fig. 2. Lightbox view. click to enlarge.

Fig 3. 'View all sizes'. click to enlarge.

If access to highest resolution image has not been enabled (Fig 4) , I will need to issue you a 'guest pass'. It's easy, just email me.

I also have images on Picasa if you are looking for them.

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