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Iceland: Trolling about

This excerpt is published here as a guide to editors as to what material is available. Trolling About Iceland Be sure to pay your respects to little invisible Icelanders or your journey may end abruptly. Roderick Eime treads carefully. “If you go walking, be careful not to kick around rocks and things. You could disturb a troll or an elf,” my guide tells me and I turn to share in the joke. But he’s not laughing. Trolls, elves and fairies are serious business in Iceland and whoa betide any clumsy hiker who messes up the abode of one of these mysterious, unseen beings. In 2004, a golf course was being built just outside the capital, Reykjavik, when a bulldozer dislodged a massive boulder. Heavy machinery began failing and workers met with strange accidents until a very public apology ceremony was conducted. Only then could the golf course be completed. But fantasy creatures aside, Icelanders have an enviable lifestyle. There is almost no crime or unemployment and the pop