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Just a waypoint on the bumpy path of life

1982: A starry-eyed 20-y-o sets out to take on the world. My dear mother breathing a sigh of relief no doubt. I try and resist the temptation to get all gooey and nostalgic at this time of year, but a little enforced relaxation brings home a few truths. Travelling the world as we do offers some perspective – or jolly-well should – and gives us pause to be grateful for what we have as we grapple with our daunting First World problems like crappy 4G coverage, petrol price cycles and ever-looming deadlines. Oh, poor us. Thanks to the inescapable pervasiveness of Facebook, Twitter and Blogger, those nearest and dearest to us are always in our thoughts, whether we want them or not. Visiting my dear octogenarian mother (who's never touched a computer keyboard) at my childhood home in Stonyfell, is a refreshing dose of conventional one-on-one communion. Rummaging through old photos and trinkets invariably revives memories from the failing crevices of my mind. In my case, it remin