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Detroit - the city that won't quit

The super-modern Renaissance Center (also known as the GM Renaissance Center and nicknamed the RenCen) Photo:  Roderick Eime Detroit is a city that just won't quit. Born in an exuberant Jazz-age burst in the 1920s, elegant downtown Detroit grew rapidly in line with the fast paced fortunes of the motor industry. Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and others fuelled this glorious period when magnificent Art Deco skyscrapers shot up like sunflowers in tandem with the sprawling industrial complexes like Ford's enormous Rouge plant. The Great Depression of the '30s hit hard, but the Second World War revived its industrial might, earning Detroit the mantle: The Arsenal of Democracy. From a peak population of almost two million in the '50s, Detroit has shrunk to around 700,000 today as a result of the changing fortunes of the auto industry and the introduction of automation to the existing facilities. Greenfield Village is part of The Henry Ford's fascinating

Ten ways to be a good guest on a travel media famil

Travel trade famil group hosted by Qantas (source: etbnews) Let’s face it. It’s all about the travel. Why else would we work for pittance (or less) if it weren’t for the degustation menus and limousine transfers? But don’t blow it by being the [undesirable person]. You want to be invited again, right? I feel completely qualified to write this article based on the fact that I have committed almost every travesty on this list or seen it done at close quarters. Of course, there will be many more items you can think of, so feel free to comment. Famils (familiarisation trips) come in all shapes and sizes from simple twos and threes to massive ‘megafams’ where guests arrive in waves by coach. Even when you are travelling solo and being ‘comped’ (receiving complimentary services) - it counts. Firstly, always remember that you are there, not because you are the coolest, but because your host(s) expect ROI (return on investment). I have written a separate item on delivering ROI her