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Where does a National Geographic photographer go on vacation?

Flip and Linda Nicklin Photograph by Flip Nicklin Flip Nicklin (NG) National Geographic photographer and naturalist, Flip Nicklin , is one of the true pioneers of whale and undersea research. He was born into a family of divers, both his father and grandfather were professional divers and now in his third 'retirement', he continues to travel the world for National Geographic with his wife, Linda, an ecological anthropologist and naturalist. When you've already travelled to many of the world's most exotic locations on assignment for NationalGeographic , living and working with some of the most famous names in the business and experiencing events most of us can only dream about, where would Flip and Linda go for holidays? I had the unique pleasure of chatting with Flip and Linda aboard the swank National Geographic Orion as we sailed out toward the remote South Pacific and I had the chance to ask them that very question. The answer might surprise