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How to search Facebook group messages


Media Case Study: G Adventures

With the route along the West Coast of Africa becoming more popular with serious adventure cruisers, I sensed a rare story opportunity.

I outlined a media plan to Silversea, Lindblad and G Adventures who were then promoting the itinerary between Cape Town and West Africa.

G Adventures international PR agency, Mulberry Marketing Communications, responded in March 2012 and offered me a confirmed spot on the March 2013 departure based solely on my publication history.
The following publication results have been achieved so far:
Print Cruise Passenger Magazine Issue 53 Spirit of AfricaCourier Mail (QLD) Cruise supp. Unlock the Heart of AfricaNews Ltd Escape (Sunday national papers) Joy found beyond dark past Ocean Magazine Issue 50 Through western watersGet Up & Go Winter 2014Africal IdolOnline CNN as part of 10 of the world's most adventurous cruisesAdelaide Now and Perth Now (News Ltd) Fetish Central via AAPYahoo!7 Go Go West AfricaLooptail Save the west till last Courier Mail, H…

Tips for DIY press photography (or how not to)

Hey PRs, you want your client portrayed in the best light possible (pun intended) so take a few seconds to think about that pic you are going to send to the world's media.

The image below is exactly how I received it to go with an important media release. But they're all important right?

Even if you're in a rush, try and find time to tick these boxes.

[] Find even, filtered light ie shade. This may even be inside. Use fill flash if you must.
[] Avoid distracting backgrounds. Compose.
[] Is it a group of four - or two couples? (Or opposition parties?) Make the group.
[] Use best available camera. This was shot on an iPhone 4. Meh.

Then don't send 4MB files to everyone as an unsolicited attachment.

How to search your Facebook timeline

Here's a useful tip for searching your Facebook timeline that I haven't been able to find on any of the forums.

Frustrating isn't it? Trying to find that post you made about cinnamon scones back in 2012. Well, in the absence of a search facility for personal pages, use Google. Just know how to form the right query.

In the Google search box, type the following: "cinnamon scones"

This should bring up all the posts about this bakery item from your timeline. It's not 100%, because it will only work with 'public' posts indexed by Google, but go ahead, try it. You might be surprised.